Customer Success Hero

Súper helps millions of Latin Americans buy their first insurance policy. We design super simple, super affordable, super easy to use insurance for people that (correctly!) don't trust the legacy insurance industry.

We're well funded, backed by highly regarded USA-based VCs. We have a cool product that people want and that respects the customer. We're a team of experienced founders and startup veterans who have done this before. This is a place that’s both a fun AND impactful place to work.

The Role:

Everything we do at Súper has the customer's best interest in mind. We exist for them. As one of our first 5 Customer Success Heroes, you have three roles:

  1. Talk with our customers (phone, email & whatsapp) to help them understand our insurance and help them buy it.
  2. Empathize with our customers to help the rest of Súper understand the problems our customers face.
  3. Help us build a customer success machine. Help us improve our internal processes so we can solve our customer's problems better and faster.

What we are looking for:

What we don't care about:

We don't care where you went to college or whether you have a fancy logo on your resume.

First 30 days.

Days 30-60

Days 60-90‌‌

Interested? Please write me directly at: