Join our team of high-performing elixir engineers. Help define our engineering culture and work on an awesome, innovative product.

The Role

We're looking for our second engineer. After you join, the technical team will consist of:

  • You
  • Our first engineer, (@loydiux)
  • Our (pretty technical) CEO.
  • Technical mentorship from @bruce, co-creator of Absinthe, and a well-known Elixir engineer and trainer.

You'll be responsible for shipping features, working with product/founders to determine the roadmap, on-boarding new hires, and building our engineering culture.

You'll do well in this role if:

  • You enjoy working in small, close-knit teams.
  • You like having responsibility and "owning" features and code
  • You are excited about building a team and a company culture
  • You're a chill, relaxed person.

Why Súper?

3 years after a massive earthquake in Mexico City, 20% of people haven't been paid by their insurance. So we built Súper. We pay people money when there is an earthquake. No adjustors, no negotiating, no deductibles. The stronger the earthquake, the more money you get. no bulls#!t.

We're well funded, backed by USA-based VCs. We have a cool product that people want and that respects the customerl. We're chill people that have done this before. We work with some of the best elixir engineers on earth. It's a cool place to work.

What will your first 30/60/90 days at Súper look like?

First 30 days

You're getting to know the product, the stack (Phoenix + Vue), the team and the roadmap.

We'll pick some small features that have already been specced for you to implement, either alone or paired with someone else from the team. We’re a small team, with a small product, so we hope you will get up to speed quickly. You’ll be able to commit code on day 1!

You'll give feedback and expand your technical understanding of Súper's product by participating in code reviews.

Days 30-60

By now, you're confident picking stories/features and just getting them done. You are involved with the product process—what can we build? You’re starting to take initiative and collaborating on the product roadmap. What’s too ambitious to build now? What does our product look like long-term?

You have ownership over larger complete features, shipping them from start-to-finish and involving other people when necessary.

Days 60-90

By the end of month 3, you're totally fluent about the product and the codebase.

Not only are you shipping new, complete features, but you're setting new guidelines—not just for code, but for the entire organization. We're still building our company culture and by the end of this point you should be shaping it as much as anyone else.

The team is continuing to grow, and you're helping onboard new hires. Old features have started to break, and you're refactoring old code given new understanding of how customers use the product and business requirements.

Your requirements:

  • You're a senior-level engineer. You know lots of design patterns, and you know when to use them—-and when they are “over engineering”.
  • You can manage our devops/release pipeline. You have opinions on AWS vs heroku (and have been bitten by both).
  • You know how to write idiomatic elixir.
  • You're a chill and relaxed person. None of your coworkers would call you a "jerk."
  • Ideally you're based in Mexico City, but not required.

What we don't care about:

  • Don't care about your college degree or lack of college degree.
  • Don't care about lack of open source contributions.


We pay tip-top of market for Mexico.


Honestly, is there a benefit that really matters to you? Just tell us. The answer is probably "yes" as long as you're getting stuff done. That being said:

  • All of the benefits required by law (you'll be in "nómina")
  • Flexible vacation.
  • Very flexible about remote work.
  • Sponsored conferences if you're into that.

Interested? Please write me directly at