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Business Development Manager

Súper helps millions of Latin Americans buy their first insurance policy. We design super simple, super affordable, super easy to use insurance for people that (correctly!) don't trust the legacy insurance industry.

We're well funded, backed by highly regarded USA and Mexico based VCs. We have cool products that people want and that respect the customer. We're a team of experienced founders and startup veterans who have done this before. This is a place that’s both a fun AND impactful place to work.

The Role:


To embed Super's insurance products in partner companies customer journeys through APIs. Products can be existing ones, derivations of those, or even ones created for individual partners.

Sell thousands of policies under CAC that are well below the ones Super faces through digital marketing or other non-massive distribution channels.


Help reduce CAC by:

  • Sell at least one insurance policy through embedding strategies in the first 6 months

Deliver a minimum set of APIs embedded in a partner's customer journey.

  • Manage existing pipeline of embedding projects

Create and agree clear and effective work plans with partners

Negotiate internally and externally NDAs and Partnership contracts that establish the terms and conditions for the process of embedding insurance and the sales thereafter

Execute roadmaps and work with partners to meet milestones and deadlines

  • Provide the Underwriting, Product, Legal and Client teams the necessary inputs

Product specifications need to be agreed and validated with client, and all of Super's teams as required

Own deadlines as a personal metric of success regardless of the dependency on other areas or client's inputs

  • Develop an internal CRM for embedded insurance

Create a tool to effectively manage open projects at any stage


Job competencies

  • Has developed partnerships that co-produce, co-manage, co-distribute or embed financial services.

Has a playbook to manage projects and relationships.

Understands the key steps towards a successful collaboration between companies that involves technology developments .

  • Negotiation skills

Proven negotiation skills so that owning targets that depend on the input of many stakeholders is not a problem

  • Can set up, build and/or manage project management and CRM tools

Has a clear idea on how to establish milestones, dependencies and timelines

Uses the tools to secure the delivery of intended outcomes

  • Creative around fintech and insurtech overlaps and interactions

Has ideas and opinions on how to improve the value and experience of a customer seeking a non-insurance product in a way that the decision to purchase insurance at the same time comes naturally

  • Product minded

Can work with product/engineering to improve our products or embed new ones.

Cultural competencies

  • Is a relaxed, cheerful person.

Is a joy to work with. Will not inject negativity.

  • Customer obsessed/empathetic.

Is constantly putting themselves in the customer's shoes. Gets annoyed if an experience is bad.

  • Moves quickly.

Decides and acts quickly and takes a forceful stand without being overly aggressive.

  • Not bureaucratic/gets shit done.

Delivers work without fanfare/too much process. Is plain spoken. Communicates with simple language. Works fast.

  • High standards.

Expects personal performance and team performance to be nothing short of the best.

  • Work ethic.

Possesses a strong willingness to work hard and sometimes long hours to get the job done. Has a track record of working hard.

  • Teamwork.

Reaches out to peers and cooperates with supervisors to establish an overall collaborative working relationship.


We pay tip-top of the market for Mexico, and are competitive everywhere if you’re in another market.


Honestly, is there a benefit that really matters to you? Just tell us. The answer is probably "yes" as long as you're getting stuff done. That being said:

  • All of the benefits required by law (you'll be in "nómina")
  • Health insurance
  • Mandatory 4-weeks vacation per year.
  • Sponsored conferences if you're into that.

Interested? Please write me directly at work@super.mx